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Who Are We?

We’re a team of more than 10 experienced traders with years of financial market experience. Every single day, we control the market 24/7. We decided to develop our business using our experience to help retail forex traders benefit consistently every month.

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Here at Dubuk Forex, we do the hard work for our clients. We analyse the markets, keep a close eye on the world economy and craft the perfect signal for our clients. We give details of every trade we have done including Entry Price, Step Loss and Take Profit. The clients only have to copy and paste the details into their phones and we make money together. 

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The market is analysed every day by our experienced traders. Each time we take a trade, members are notified via message in the Telegram app. Every day, our VIP members receive 4-5 top quality signals.

With any of their questions 24/7, VIP members get help. Each week, our aim is to hit 1000+ pips so that our customers can benefit regardless of their account size.

We have an unbeatable accuracy rate of more than 85%. With their money management, we assist all our VIP members. For its ‘consistent’ outcomes, Dubuk Forex become one of the trusted signal provider.

free forex signal provider

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Why Dubuk Forex?

Unbeatable accuracy​

We have an accuracy of over 85%, which helps us to have a very limited drawdown and full income. All outcomes are confirmed. To check our results, pay our Free Telegram channel a visit.​

We save your money​

It takes years of experience to make money regularly in the forex market, which involves losing a lot of money in the process. We trade our experience to save you from losses and, from the beginning, make you money.

We save your time​

You don't have to waste hours a day in front of charts and news sources. Although you can spend your time elsewhere, we're doing that for you. While you are at work or spending time with your family, you can have our service and make cash.​

We are consistent

Consistency is the name of the game. We are traders who are disciplined and patient and we know what we're doing. As a consequence, unlike other related providers, we have always been able to remain successful.​

We do the hardwork​

Our experienced trading team checks the markets 24/7. The markets and economies for you, we analyze and decode. Both of us are doing the same trade. We all make money!​

24/7 Support​

Any time of day, you can contact us. In the shortest amount of time, we will get back to you. You can give us a message with any of your questions at any time of day. To support, we're still there.​

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Email: info@dubukforex.com


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